We couldn’t be more proud of our recent graduates and instructors! 
In the last few months we have graduated 18 students and 90% of them have already taken their Mblex test and passed!! 
A huge congratulations to all of them and to our amazing staff of instructors. Their program was paused for 3 months, due to covid, and when they returned it was to a new staff, but together they worked hard. 
The instructors poured their everything into teaching to the Mblex, and the students sacrificed sleep, free time and a chunk of their lives to finishing out. They supported each other and came in everyday ready to take in the next round of information. 
I love when my graduates send me a picture of or a selfie with the print out of their passed test result! It makes me tear up with joy for them. I saw their struggle and their nervousness and I met them with “I know you’ll pass it. Don’t hope, know.”. 
If you want to become an LMT, come take a tour of our school and join our next 500 hour program, starting on November 14th. 
The class meets Monday and Wednesday, from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, and Saturday from 9:30am to 3:30pm. 
Massage is important and right now, we all need it more than ever. 
We’re offering a $800 discount, in house financing, and payments as low as $202 a month. 
Let us be A New Beginning for you. 
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